Hellow and welcome to my website Happy Festivals where you will learn about different types of festivals which are celebrated in India and many other different countries. This website is fully customized and written in Hindi.

This website helps in increasing your knowledge about different types of festivals which are celebrated with happiness and enjoyment. You will also come to know why these festivals are celebrated and how people are celebrating this festival with full enjoyment.

If you are new over my website then you must try to read all my post so that you can easily come to know about different types of festivals. The main reason why festivals are celebrated in countries is to make their life more enjoyable and fulfil their happiness.

If you will read my blog with full interest then definitely you will come across different kinds of festivals which you might not be knowing. People in their countries usually know about the festivals which are celebrated in their own state.

So you must be aware of the different festival in India as well as in many different countries.


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